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Studio J Dance Academy

Professional Dance Studio in Beachwood, Ohio

Classes Begin September 11th


Our commitment to our students ensures they
live their dreams uninterrupted

Register Now - CLASSES BEGIN SEP 11th

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Did you know?

Dance lessons provide many benefits to the student, including improved condition of your heart and lungs. increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. increased aerobic fitness. improved muscle tone and strength.

The main goal of dance is to Increase one's flexibility, strength, and control throughout the body by learning various techniques, style and characteristics of dance forms.

Dance impacts one's life allowing students to be more active, socialize and develop creative and physical skills.

The value of dance lies in the uniqueness of its dual nature—it is both physical and expressive, and this makes it both similar to and different from other physical activities and art forms. Dance develops physical, creative, imaginative, emotional and intellectual capacities. It also requires social skills.

Children enjoy the opportunity to express their emotions and become aware of themselves and others through dance. Students learn valuable life skills through dance, such as responsibility, persistence, communication skills, grit, and accountability.

Dance improves self esteem because dancing pushes you to be very present, it helps to increase self-esteem by keeping you grounded and flowing along with life, letting go of the stress and worries of the past or future.

Dance is powerful as through movements of the human body, dance conveys the whole range of human emotions; tells stories; and strengthens, disciplines, and refreshes the whole person. 

Studio J Academy of Dance

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